Nissan Navara

Hardworking, determined, and ready to take on any challenge with ease, the Nissan Navara is one of the very best pickup trucks around. Whether being used for commercial or private purposes, the vehicle is the perfect option, with a car-like driving experience guaranteed from the model. It’s also well equipped and comfortable, enabling you to enjoy the ride every time you get behind the wheel, regardless of whether it’s for work or pleasure.

Tackling any form of terrain is easy in the new Navara. With its 4x4 capabilities, the vehicle will embark on off-road adventures with a minimum of fuss, overcoming sand, snow and mud with ease. It also cruises along the open road with style, with the eye-catching design defined by its dominant stance, bold alloy wheels, and the selection of standout colour schemes. Plus, there’s the option of Double and King Cab editions depending on preference.

Not only is the new Navara hardworking and stylish, it also features plenty of power too. Turbocharged petrol and diesel engines combine with automatic or manual transmission options and four-by-four technology to provide you with the utmost control and power delivery every time.