Introducing a New Invention - All-New Nissan Qashqai Is Now Safer, Electrified and More Intelligent Than Ever Before!


What are the dimensions of the all-new Nissan Qashqai? 

The exterior car dimensions have increased just enough to allow for a roomier experience inside the Qashqai. Nissan has managed to gain extra legroom for the rear passengers and still retained a large boot space. 


What materials is it made of? 

For the first time, the rear hatchback door on the Qashqai is now made of a composite material, which saves 2.6kg. Reducing the weight of a car means it will require less energy to accelerate the car. By requiring less energy to accelerate your car, you'll be able to plan further journeys without frequently having to stop for a re-charge.
The use of Nissan's Ultra High Strength Steel application (UHSS) has increased by 50% in the structure of the new Qashqai. The UHSS material ensures the highest possible tensile strength in the body structure where it is needed, as part of the crash structure. 
The front and rear doors, front fenders and hood, are all now made of aluminium, which offers a weight-saving, when taken all together, of 21kg over the out-going Qashqai's body in white. 
The net advantage for customers, thanks to the advanced manufacturing techniques, is that the overall body in white is lighter by 60kg and 41% stiffer than the out-going model. This translates to refinement, ride comfort and driving response from a higher segment, plus exceptional security in the event of an accident.

What features does it have that make it new, different or better than competitive products?

Knee room for rear occupants has grown by 20mm, with more distance created between driver and front passenger, this is a great benefit because you could be using this extra space for transporting your newly purchased household products or any other necessary equipment for your journeys.
On the all-new Nissan Qashqai, the updated system is now able to adapt the car's speed according to additional external circumstances: when the car crosses to a lower speed limit zone on the highway, the system is able to read road signs and take into account navigation system speed limit data to slow the Qashqai to the appropriate speed, meaning the driver doesn't need to adjust the cruise control speed manually. 
The new Qashqai will be equipped with the next generation of ProPILOT driver assistance, bringing greater driver support in a wider array of circumstances. Called ProPILOT with Navi-link, the system has been designed to reduce fatigue and stress while driving, while being very intuitive to use.
ProPILOT with Navi-link is able to accelerate and brake the vehicle within a single-lane on a highway. The system can accelerate the vehicle to cruise at a set speed, and can brake the vehicle down to 0 km/h in heavy stop-start traffic.The steering system and camera are constantly updating the vehicle’s position, helping the car to stay centred within the lane while maintaining a pre-determined speed but with the capability to adapt and maintain a safe distance to the car in front, giving you complete peace of mind on the road.
A unique Nissan innovation, the e-POWER system offers full electric motor drive, meaning that the wheels are completely driven by the electric motor. e-POWER is comprised of a high-output battery and the powertrain which is integrated with petrol engine, power generator, inverter and a motor. In conventional hybrid systems, the wheels are driven by an electric motor and a petrol engine. However, in the e-POWER system, the petrol engine is not connected to the wheels; it simply charges the battery.
The key difference compared with other conventional hybrids is that the electric motor is the size of one typically found in a pure EV, giving the instant acceleration response which is so popular among EV customers. The engine-driven generator maintains the battery charge, but can also provide electricity directly to the motor for additional power.
Upgraded suspension & Steering design - The new CMF-C platform boasts torsional rigidity of vehicles from a higher segment, allowing the suspension to remain precisely located, ensuring positive and confidence-inspiring responses to steering inputs and a more solid feel when driving on rough roads.


Don't Worry, You're Protected By Our 30-Day Exchange Policy!

Nissan Engineers have made every effort to ensure your vehicle looks, feels and drives faultless. In fact, we're so confident, we'll offer you a 30 day/1,000-mile exchange promise.
This means in the unlikely event that the vehicle develops a fault, which cannot be resolved within the mileage and timeframe, we’ll exchange it for another vehicle of at least equal value.


The unique element of the e-Power is that the petrol engine is used solely to generate electricity, whilst the wheels are completely driven by the electric motor. This means the engine can always run within its optimal range, leading to superior fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions compared with a traditional internal combustion engine.

Thanks to the pure electric motor drive, there’s no delay as with an internal combustion engine or traditional hybrid. The instant response delivers exhilarating high torque feel and best level acceleration at different speeds to make overtaking or merging onto a motorway easier and more confidence-inspiring.

The new Qashqai’s e-POWER system is comprised of a high-output battery and powertrain integrated with a category-leading variable compression ratio 154hp petrol engine, power generator, inverter and 140kW electric motor of similar size and power output as found in Nissan’s electric vehicles. 


Mild Hybrid System

The 12V mild hybrid system available on new Qashqai is a more affordable hybrid technology that provides torque assist, extended idle stop, quick restart and coasting stop [Xtronic only], with improvements to both fuel economy and CO2 output (-4g/km).Even Cooler Feature.

The 1.3-petrol motor will be offered with two power outputs – 138hp and 156hp – with either a 6-speed manual transmission, or new Xtronic gearbox (156hp only). Max engine power arrives at 5500rpm, with maximum available torque of 270Nm at a convenient 1750rpm on 156hp Xtronic and high power MT variants.

On manual versions the gearbox has been enhanced for a quicker, more direct and sportier shift feeling. The new generation Xtronic transmission offers better fuel economy and acceleration feel thanks to improvements including a twin oil pump system with new electrical oil pump.

2WD is available on both 138hp and 156hp versions, whilst 4WD will only be available on 156hp Xtronic models. A new 4WD control system and driving selection mode is more intuitive and intelligent, adapting itself to external conditions with five driving modes – Standard, ECO, Sport, Snow and Off-Road. In case of any wheel slip, the time which the 4WD system acts has been reduced by a factor of five to around 0.2 seconds.


Introducing... All-New Nissan Qashqai Premier Edition

The Premiere Edition Grade is packed full of advanced Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology. Nissan’s tech features are in place to protect and assist you in keeping you safe on the road. You’ll find Propilot with Nav-Link making for a smoother drive. A 10.8inch windscreen heads-up display allows you to never lose focus on the road ahead. This feature will project in front of your eyes and display navigation and driver information, only the driver can see this information. 
The dashboard is a 12.3inch full TFT multi-information screen. Allowing you to configure layouts, display navigation, entertainment, traffic and vehicle information. Nissan has even designed smart LED headlights. An Adaptive Driving Beam allows 12 individually controlled segments to adapt to the shape of the road ahead, maximises visibility while avoiding dazzling oncoming traffic.
Exclusively available via pre-order for early delivery, this exclusive edition showcases all the new technologies powering our newest Qashqai. Nissan Qashqai Premiere Edition makes driving safer, more connected and more fun than ever. Order now at your dealer to make sure you don’t miss out on this unique opportunity. 
Order it today and take early delivery of the all-new Qashqai Premiere Edition that’s loaded with technology including ProPILOT with Navi-link, Adaptive Beam assist instead of headlamps, Android Auto, Wireless Apple CarPlay®*, wireless charging and the quiet, responsive mild hybrid powertrain.


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